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WordPress Vulnerabilities Database and SiteScan premium API key offer for everyone

Recently, we received a few queries related to our services, specifically WordPress Vulnerabilities Database and SiteScan website scanner. So to make it clear we would like to explain what we can offer for web agencies, hosting companies and other companies. You probably know that we give access to the services mentioned above through our WordPress plugin and the sites dedicated to these products.

Both WordPress Vulnerabilities Database and SiteScan are based on the Application Programming Interface (API) principle. It means that you always get the latest data that is available at that particular moment.

Access to these API’s via our WordPress plugin has limitations on the number of plugins or themes to be checked. There is also a limit to the number of permissible checks in one day. However, we can offer premium API keys to companies which want to build their own scanners and avoid the limitations applied to the plugin. So what you can get with those premium API keys? Let’s look up close.

WordPress Vulnerabilities Database API

WordPress Vulnerabilities Database APIThe WordPress Vulnerability Database is a product we are very proud of. More than 3500 existing entries and this number updated continuously (you can check here the 2017 year WordPress vulnerabilities statistics). WordPress plugin vulnerabilities, WordPress theme vulnerabilities and WordPress core vulnerabilities in one database. We have been collecting this database for several years now. The ThreatPress WordPress Vulnerability Database API Key guarantees you access to this resource.

The database is focused exclusively on WordPress products, we collect data on vulnerable versions of WordPress and vulnerable versions of plugins and templates developed for the WordPress Content Management System.

With the WordPress Vulnerability Database API key, you can test your WordPress software exceptionally efficiently and quickly. Knowing that a website is using the vulnerable software allows timely response to the emergency situation and to ensure the site’s resilience against cyber attacks. It’s a great tool that helps to avoid cyber incidents and extremely helpful if you manage lots of websites or your own hosting company.

SiteScan API

ThreatPress SiteScan APIThere are a lot of various databases and blacklists and trying to look up your site on all of them is a quite challenging thing. It gets even more challenging if you need to make those checks every day or even a few times a day. Knowing that your website spreads malware, identified as infected by malware or involved in spamming schemes is very valuable. The sooner you know about site issues, the faster you can solve the problem. The loss of visitor traffic or reliability in the eyes of customers can seriously affect the business in various ways.

SiteScan website scanner is designed to fully automate these processes. You can access it by API, and it means that you will make only one request to the API instead of multiple of them to various databases, we will manage everything else for you. This is the most efficient way to check the status of your sites at once in several databases and blacklists. It saves your time, your server resources and no doubt your money.

What’s under the hood? A custom-made system that allows us to process a large number of queries very quickly, combining data from such databases and blacklists as Google Safe Browsing, PhishTank, Malware Domain List and Spamhaus ZEN.

It should also be noted that the SiteScan website scanner API is not only targeted at WordPress sites, with this API you can check the status of any website.

As you can see, the tools we offer can automate the process of obtaining essential data and reduce the number of resources used.

Are you interested? Then let’s talk. Contact us, and we will provide more technical details and approximate calculations.

Darius S.

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