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ThreatPress Security and Monitoring plugin updated (version – 0.9.3)

ThreatPress Security and Monitoring plugin recently updated. We have added a new tab – “Diagnostics”. This tab gives you some information about the state of security related parameters and settings. The plugin will check these points of your WordPress security configuration.

ThreatPress Security diagnostic tab

  • Salts and security keys check on your WordPress configuration file (wp-config.php).
  • Database prefix check, just to make sure you’re not using default “wp_” prefix.
  • WordPress file editor check, to make sure you have deactivated it.
  • Unfiltered HTML restriction setting check.
  • Unfiltered uploads prohibition check, to protect your WordPress from malicious files.
  • File permissions for several important files like wp-config.php and other.
  • Secure connection test to identify whether you are using an SSL certificate or not.
  • Your website server configuration information.
  • PHP version check just to make sure you’re not using an outdated version of PHP.
ThreatPress security plugin "Diagnostic" tab

We’re now working on other improvements. There will be even more checks on the next version of the plugin. However, we want to keep the plugin lightweight and fast, so it requires some time to make everything properly.

By the way, we tested the integration of our Google Invisible reCATCHA plugin with ThreatPress security plugin and you can be sure they work perfectly well in a pair. Once installed they will share the same sidebar menu item “ThreatPress”. And yes, both of them work fine with other plugins of other authors without any interference. More news about other products and services are coming soon, stay tuned for updates.

Darius S.

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