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WordPress security plugin by ThreatPress available on

Finally, we have the first version of our WordPress security plugin, and it’s now available to download at plugin repository. ThreatPress security plugin hardens your WordPress by applying several active and passive safety measures and tests. The plugin is lightweight, fast and very powerful. It has three different scanners to check your site and several functions to make it safer. So what’s under the hood?

ThreatPress WordPress security plugin features

  • Vulnerability Scanner – as you may know ThreatPress has a database of WordPress vulnerabilities. This free database includes vulnerabilities found in WordPress plugins, themes and WordPress core itself. ThreatPress plugin utilizes this database to check your website for the presence of outdated and vulnerable software.
  • Advanced Site Scanner – based on our free online site scanner service, makes several checks simultaneously. It checks your site status on Google Safe Browsing, Phishtank, Malware Domain List and Spamhaus-ZEN databases. There is no need to visit every service and make several scans, ThreatPress plugin will make it for you.
  • Core Integrity Scanner – it scans all WordPress files and compares their checksum value against original values. If your WordPress files altered, ThreatPress security plugin will let you know.
  • Background scanning – ThreatPress plugin works silently in the background, it will not bother you with various annoying notes. It will remind about himself only when it finds a real threat.
  • Login protection with lockout function – just to make sure your site is protected from brute force attacks in a reliable way.
  • Lighting fast and focused – you will not find here any fancy dashboards or endless pages for plugin settings. It’s designed to protect, not to impress. ThreatPress plugin focused on function, not on aesthetics.
  • Safe to use – ThreatPress plugin doesn’t make any changes to your WordPress files, it works right out of the box and settings are fail-safe.
WordPress Security plugin by ThreatPress

WordPress Security plugin by ThreatPress

We invite you to try our plugin, and it would be great to receive feedback on your experience. Any suggestions highly expected.

Darius S.

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